Never worry about your APIs missing contract events again

Guaranteed Delivery

- Receive blockchain events in your webhook endpoint

- Stop relying on FE clients or polling infrastructure to send you the data you need

- Event deliveries are retried for up to 3 days, with exponential backoff

Chain Agnostic System

- Get events from contracts you deployed on multiple networks

- Support for 15 (and counting!) EVM Networks

- Support for TestNets so you can easily validate the integration

Easy to Setup

- Automatic detection of ABIs, streamlining your setup process.

- Seamlessly index contracts created via factory contracts.

- Easily configure a set of contracts you care about listening.

- Add more contracts dynamically via a Contract Addition API

Stop missing events today

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  • ✅ Manual contract configuration
  • ✅ Support for 15+ EVM Networks
  • ✅ Support for Factory Contracts
  • ✅ Resilient Event Deliveries
  • ✅ Contract Address Inclusion API
  • ✅ Support for TestNets
  • ✅ 24/7 Support
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